Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Our first "loaf" of Iranian bread - Sangak. Pulled over the coals to cook

Inside the Blue Mosque in Tabriz

With the lovely Leyla

Yes the men do wear oneses.... in the Kurdish area

Al Foil villages

All ages wear them

Asef Mansion in Sanadaj

In the entry of the old mosque - Sanadaj

Lush green countryside

More villages

Having tea with the shepherds families

Packing up in the morning

Daniels Tomb

Choqua Zanbil

Shusta Hydraulic Site

Sheep truck...oh and horse

Lots and lots of gas

More nan - this time Taftum

Entering the gorge

Shiraz Fortress

The carpet bazaar

Our new floor rug

Fabric bazaar

The gorgeous pavilion at Bagh-e-Naranjestan

Selfie in the mirrors

Gorgeous tile work

Spice bazaar

Is it a sheet! No its a chador!! In Aramagh-e-Sha-e-Cheragh

Pop up tents in our carpark in Shiraz

Stained glass inside Masjed-e-Nasir-al-Molk

and outside the tilework

Exploring Persepolis

Heading south

Ardashir Castle

Lunch with new friends

The Special Energy Economic Zone

Our camping beach on the Persian Gulf

Lenges, plus some little boats

Dry mountains & dry desert

Lunch and a forbidden swim

Catching the ferry/barge to Qeshm

Badgirs/wind towers in the village of Laft

Look closely - she is wearing a face mask

At the mangroves

A water cistern

Lots of motorbikes here

Drying fish to make fish meal - a stinky job

Exploring the star shaped canyon

Back on the mainland hunting for a camp spot

Our spot for the night - we have company