Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Looking over the rooftops of Tetoucan

Following the Med Sea

Looking down to El Hociema

Every Palace has 4 kinds of guards  at regular intervals

The Port

John's lunch cooking

Street life

Filling up with water in the desert

Old ruins in Figuia

Getting out of the river bed on the crazy track

Washing in progress at Source Blueu

The gorgeous Zigi valley

Taking the tourist gets even narrower

So many ruins

At Erg Chebbi

In Tinerhir - yet more ruins

Heading in to the Todra Gorge

Inside the narrowest point of Todra

More village life

Heading in to Dades Gorge

More of Dades

The tight hairpins out of Dades Gorge

And it just keeps going

Heading over the High Atlas

People live way up here

Wheat harvest time

Camping at Lake Tislit

Our good deed for the day

Lunch cooking - fresh meat ready

Local transport

Berber huts - summer only

Tagine at a Berber tent - fingers only

Camping at Lake Aguelmann Zigza

Sources de l'Oum

The village on the source

Barbary Apes - lots of photos

Parking outside the tanneries in Fes

Yikes - jumping between the dying vats!

Fes souks

The walls around Fes

Water collection time

Another lovely sunset

Love all the pom poms on the Berber hats

Camping at Moulay Bousselham

Chellah in Rabat

 Water Carrier

Friday prayer time

Hassan 2 Mosque at Casablanca

The poor end of town

More water collection

Inside Marrakesh walls
Our route in Morocco - unfortunately a lot of the names are in reverse making interesting reading!