Thursday, December 30, 2010


Global Roamer 2 is on the wharf here at Callao. We have a really good photo from our helpful customs agent, but we are still going from customs, to transport dept, the motoring assoc of Peru, back to customs........all lengthy waits. We clear one hurdle and the next one arises.
On the plus side we have moved to a better hotel.....but much cheaper (John is very happy), plus the food is good and cheap. We have another meeting in the morning with the head transport guy, so fingers crossed....they are worried about which side the steering wheel is on. But seeing some of the old vehicles here, we don't know why they are worried.


  1. might need the $$$$ to pay a free will offering so some official

  2. Hi John and Lynda!! Great to read your blog. Neil says to let you know that he's praying you'll get the vehicle cleared and on the road ASAP without paying too many $$$.
    God bless
    RCCC office :-)