Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tomorrow is finally the day that we can pick up our motorhome!!! Fingers crossed. We finally have approval from the Ministry of Transport and on Monday we are going to customs and will hopefully drive away. Much as we have enjoyed Lima, we will be glad to leave.
We DONOT recommend anyone bringing their Australian vehicle to Peru.
Yesterday we caught a local bus (the whole round trip was the huge sum of 80c each) and rode from the expensive areas of Miraflores and San Isidro to the far side of the city full of squatters and slums! This is where we had to get off the bus.
The city centre is based on 2 lovely Plazas, surrounded by lovely old Spanish buildings. We have explored it twice. Firstly on New Years Eve when it was closed to traffic and full of people and bands, and then yesterday.
In the weekends we have been staying at the lovely Barranco Bed & Breakfast, and a hotel nearer the ports etc during the week. At least it is cheap at $30 a night. We have eaten lots of local cuisine. The staple diet seems to be pollo (chicken) is cooking everywhere.
Sadly we will not make it to the Dakar Rally. There is no way we can catch it up now!

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