Friday, February 4, 2011


1/ Overall this country has been cheap, especially food.
2/ The favorite drinks here are: Inca Cola - a yellow, bubble gum flavored soft drink, and Pisco Sour, a yummy grape brandy/lemon cocktail.
3/ The favorite food has to be chicken - there are 1,000's of chook farms. In Lima, a city of 6 million officially (and 13 million unofficially) one million chooks are eaten every day!
4/ The most prolific family resturants are Norky's and Rocky's, and yes, they both sell chicken, chips & salad.
5/ The public transport is very cheap. Only 1 sole (40c) on the bus will get you a long way. Taxi's too are cheap. No meters, so barter hard before you get in. Then close your eyes and pray!
6/ Loos (of course) are not too bad, but remember to get your paper (if you are lucky) before you go in and deposit it in the bin (not the loo)

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