Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Still in the Andes
Can't resist taking photos
Following a river
A great Argentina road
The canyon we followed cross country...John is trying to show how windy it was!!
Camp spot right on Playa Pardelas...a very windy night, so GR2 got covered in salt spray

Another arty shot
Penguin beach at Peninsula Valdes
They are soooooooooo cute
Sealions and puppies at Peninsula Valdes
Aren't those Dads ugly
Families picnicking on the beach
A friendly Armadillo
Punta Tombo
So we don't get in the way of the penguin parade
Mining town
Heaps of oil and gas
Old farmhouse (Estancia)
A petrified tree
Landscape near the petrified trees
Love those cliffs
and love the colours
Yet more roads
Those are all penguins!!!
Guanaco "troops"
Volcanic lake practically at sea level

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