Sunday, April 24, 2011


1/ Amazing scenery. This is a land of contrasrs, from the dryest desert in the world to the wetest (in our opinion) Patagonian area, with gushing rivers, raging waterfalls and overflowing lakes.

2/ Cost effective travel. Across the board we found costs were about 20% cheaper than Australia

3/ Great wild camping (no cost at all)

4/ Borders were a bit of a trial - they were fussy about food. At one they took our honey, another our meat, another we had to boil our eggs, and finally when we had virtually no food left they didn't even bother to check!

5/ People are friendly, but very little English is spoken

6/ No problems finding free Wifi, usually at larger Copec petrol stations

7/ Vehicle of choice: Japanese dual cab 4x4 ute (nearly always red) driven recklessly

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