Friday, September 23, 2011


See us camped for the night at the Railway Museum at Porto Vehlo

The river front at Humjata. This is the river that vehicle barges go from Porto Vehlo to Manaus (right in the heart of the Amazon)

The road to Manaus. Yes it is open, but look at that mud.....and what lies ahead

Just your average local of the better ones really

Swimming pool and view at Pakaas Palafitas Lodge

Foyer of the Lodge - John using Wifi before hopping back into the pool

GR2 taking a jungle drive - John actually spied a large black cat here - I missed it

Just some arty scenery

These bridges are everywhere

That is Bolivia over there....where is the vehicle barge to take us over? Fortunately we are heading to the border with Peru

Another balsa/barge crossing

Rubber plantation - see the little cups on the trees

The motorbike taxi rank

John is hoping to get enough rubber for new tyres for GR2

Chico Menzies cottage - real estate is pretty small here

Couldn't resist these 2 big guys

Local streetscape

The sign says it all

John's watch says it all - look how hot it is

Another border crossing - Peru at last

We camped right beside this river (with the midgees)

Look at the size of those trees

Local real estate in the Peruvian Amazon

Local street here - the main road is great - all smooth seal

Town of Puerto Maldonado

Huge coffe coloured river - there are lots of jungle lodges up both ways

See how these families get around - babies are often squeezed in their too - no helmets!

One of the new shanty towns

They even spread back into the forrest

And yes they will need plenty of rice

Last of the lowlands before we head into the mountains


  1. Love the pics, you look like you are having an amazing time. Global Roamer sure looks the part along some of those minor roads.All good here in NZ, rugby fever everywhere. Taupo gets lots of freedom motorhome campers stopping by the lake overnight, we counted 70 one night. ABs into the 1/4 final and Warriors are into the final against Manly in the league.Travel safe Luv carol and Lawrie xx

  2. More gr8 pics, you know my favourites and you captured them beautifully. Loved the hats can just see John wearing one of
    Luv L and C xxx

  3. Congratulationsfor your photos of Amazonia
    We are going to follow your road in a fewmonths has little meadows how is the safety. Have you a map of your trip to give us ideas of thing has to make and not to make
    Friendly The French people
    Jean Yves and Marie Le Lay