Monday, September 26, 2011


A great camp spot - literally right beside the river

We wind up, up, up into the mountains

Gorgeous old thatched church

Local ladies in the town plaza

More magic scenery

Snow at the top

Dryer & more open over the other side

Our cook at our fast food stop

The resturant itself

Sunday markets

Choosing braid for a new skirt

He just wants to see what the latest bargin is

Time for a chat

The fruit & vege section- baby comes too

The butchers area

We are right in the thick of it

Transporting those goodies and people home

More amazing valleys

Camping at Quinta Lala with the llamas

Plaza de Armas at Cusco

This is one of the streets we drove down in GR2 - a very tight fit!!

Ruins of Saqsaywaman

View of Cusco from the ruins

Still more of the ruins (dubbed Sexy Woman)

The amazing Salinas

Collecting salt

Squeezing our way through Maras

The ruins at Moray - huge

Andean steps at the Moray ruins

The bridge we just fitted onto

Ollantaytambo ruins, and the bus park we stayed at

Train ride to Aguas Calientas

Machu Picchu at last

I,ve found a friend

Woops...don't know what happened here! it didn't shrink like the rest

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