Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Huge blue & yellow Macaw - Southern Pantanal

Scarlett Macaw - at Bonito Pool

My favorite - the Toucan - at Bonito Pool

AGiant Otter in the Pantanal
Itapiu Dam - second largest in the world

Lots of squatters on the side of the road - we have seen lots here in Brasil. Naybe they are itinerant workers looking for cheap accomdation because we have seen cars parked at them too

Lovely little town of Bonito- with a local Toucan

Our tour guide inside the grotto

Fish at the Municpal Pools - you can swim with them...and they are seriously big

Caimans, caimans, caimans

Boat trip on the river

Huge nest

One of the wooden bridges (Southern Pantanal)

A howler monkey

Another bird - forgot his name

Even more birds

Capybara and her babies

See all those eyes glowing at night - our camp site

Our camp spot with the locals

One of those 125 rickety wooden bridges

Gorgeous waterways

Massive lily pads at Porto Jofre

We met this guy on the road - he hissed at us

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