Sunday, October 30, 2011


Driving through Cochabamba

Another great camp spot with Bram & Anok

What a day - watching sheep!

Driving out to Incallajta - Inca site

Bolivia Machu Picchu - hardly!!

Mudbrick cemetary

One of those "upmarket" villages

Our mountainous road

Roadworks - be careful driving through

Local toll booth

The Gran Chaco - or Dancing Highway

Wow - hows that for a main road

Campsite on the Gran Chaco

Our road is on the right

Roadside real estate

We did have lots of this!!

Another local subdivision

Driving into Concepcion

Main street in town

Road side stalls - right on the road

In the centre of Ascuncion - squatters

The river port

Much better real estate at Ascuncion

Too much work to do for these guys

Time for a "mate" - the favorite drink here - in Paraguay it is iced

We are millionaires!!!!

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