Monday, November 7, 2011


weaving hamocks in Paraguay

Another gorgeous Jesuit monastry - this one is called Jesus

Yes Iguazi again - this time from Brazil

On the road again in Brazil

The biggest Octoberfest outside of Munich

The beaches at last - southern Brazil

We love the countdown to sharp corners! Drivers here need plenty of warning

Heading into the cities again - Florianopolis

Traffic & Highrise

Another favorite place to camp - bit chilly to swim

There are loads of ceramic mills

Back into Uruguay - gorgeous old fort

 I took a picture of the boys, so they all came over to pose

Love those boats

Still a lot of work to be done before summer

What a spot

One of the oldest lighthouses in Uruguay

The locals sunbathing

The original lighthouse glass

Transport to Cabo Polono - Mad Max style

Getting more resorty

Museo Taller Casapueblo

Starting to look more like the Gold Coast

From the Art Gallery of Carlos Paez Vilaro at Casapueblo

Yum! Food at Montvideo

Llamadas in Montevideo (Drum Parade)

Back in Buenos Aires

A local street in La Boca - not in the touristy part

Now this is for the tourists

Tango for the tourists
At Evitas grave

Recoleta Cemetary - only the weathy can get a spot here
This flower never dies - and it open and closes every day

Streets of Buenos Aires
Evitas pink Casa at night

Gorgeous pedestrian bridge in upmarket Peurto Madryn BA

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