Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Typical Uruguay street where we visited the auto electrician

In the street at Fray Bentos

Nice camp spot near Santa Fe, Argentina

Condor spotting

You can even spot the condor above GR2

Getting directions from the local farmer

Exercise at the National Park

GR2 at the same park

New Years Eve campsight- we even saw 2012 in

Abandoned mine

Paso Agua Negras between Argentina & Chile

More scenery on the pass at 4800m

Ice needles (meringues)

GR2 beside some needles

More coloured mountains

Gorgeous camp spot over pass in Chile

We had to clear the road - they weren't there the day before

The windsurfers lake - not a board in sight

Beer O'Clock

Our Argentine camping friends

1 comment:

  1. Is that beer gut I see growing John?

    Dry land- and a very long road- I can guess why you had the road to yourselves.