Friday, January 20, 2012


Our first day at the Dakar
Start of the special stage - very technical
GR2 and the Aussie teams truck
Does he have twice the power of GR2
The rush is on....the Aussie car gets some last minute work done
We have just crossed into Chile
Paso de San Francisco - change of plans due to snow
Amazing roads in Chiles Atacama
Following the cars through the gorges
Driving into the bivouac
The orange Hummer was my favorite- it looked great and roared
Johns viewpoint
One of our beach campsites
Mini in action - not sure how much mini is left with all the modifications
Yes that Hand in the Sand again
Some of the amazing coastal roads in Chile
John caught the quad mid air
Flying minis
See the huge dune at the back...they roared down that
Motorbikes - first off the dunes
Driving through Tacna in Peru

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  1. Wow some amazing photo's guys Rob (& I) are so pleased that you guys finally made it to see this amazing race.