Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We visited an Automobile Museum in Lima - what an amazing array of old cars in great condition
Our camp spot on the beach at Lima - at Barranca
Miraflores in Lima from the waterfront
The amazing road north - where dunes meet the ocean
Drive at your own risk - Peruvian drivers are pretty crazy
Local hardware store - all you need for a starter house - fortunately it doesn't rain here much
Local transport - Mototaxis
Reed boats on the beach. They still fish from these
Chan Chan - the King never walked anywhere. The mask over his mouth was to show he was special
Carvings in the temple - mostly restored
Riding on a reed boat
Raising of the flag Parade in Trujillo
The pretty part of the parade
Fish off to market
Fruit at the market - Vic in his heyday
Just a few of the many cures - any guesses what is in the bottles
The tomb at Sipan
Driving into Cajarmarca
Plaza de Armas - cathedral
See that road - John joked that we were going to take it - and we did - 26 switch backs
Will this bridge hold 6000kg?
Close up of the bridge
Typical road

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