Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Leaving Peru, entering Bolivia

The ancient site of Tiahaunaco

Woops we need help[ this time - we had to get a truck to tow us out

Our campsite at La Paz airport

City of Ouroru

The queue of trucks

One of our good deeds for the day - towing out Bolivians

John is in there with the miners - trying to get us out

Road to Potosi

Miner John with his dynamite

On our way to the mine

Potosi Mine

1500kg - A lot of pulling & pushing by hand

Potosi streets - old balconies

We see lots of this - rubbish, rubbish, rubbish

Sucre - the white city

Armadilla ukulele's & hats at the Tarabuco markets

Cow head stew anyone?

Camp spot at Ojo del Inca (and bath spot)

Sadly one of our typical roads

Uyuni Salar covered in water - rusting the landcruisers

Loading the salt with shovels

Salt castles

Those puddles in Uyuni were very deep

Campsite in the train cemetary - John wanted to use his dynamite!!

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