Monday, November 26, 2012


An old tiled building in Sao Luis

The lovely old church - nearly in ruins at Alacantra - note the whipping post in front. Here the slaves were whipped!

The very rare ibis - pity about the photo

Shower time on the barge - truckie style

Watching the river views

A barge load of timber

One of the many tiny native villages on the river

Children out in their canoes - the river is their playground

Another barge full of trucks

The locals come out to meet us

More village scenery! As you can image I took lots of photos!!

We have visitors

Not sure what they are collecting - maybe the bamboo shoot thingys we bought

A lovely wooden boat being built in one of the villages

We have finally arrived - not too far from Macapa

Us at Monumento Marka Zero - second time we have driven across the equator

A great camp spot - swim included

Fantastic - a tarsealed road

Oh no!! Roadworks

Life on the riverways

We met this little fellow crossing the road. Such a funny little uncoordinated thing

Who can resist such an adorable little face like this - our first sloth

We crossed 32 of these bridges. There is an old one on the other side, and an even older one this side - in the water

The red dirt road - no rain! We are told that in the wet it gets closed quite frequently

At the end of the road a bridge to French Guyana - it has been finished for a year but is still not open! Crazy crazy place!!

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