Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Typical Venezuelan car

Streets of Cuidad Bolivar

Bridge out of Cuidad Guyana

River houses


Fishing village

Modern boat building factory

Spot our camp site - Playa Medina

Drying cacao seeds on the road

GR2 on Playa Pui Pui

A close drive - jungle road

Growing chocolate

Venezulean dual cab ute

Peninsular Araya


New friends

Nat Pk Mochima

Playa Colorado

In Caracas city

6am outside our window!!

Tight bend - narrow road

Will we fit!!

Puerto Colombia

Our Military friends

Beach at Peninsula Paraguian

Sanddunes right on road

Coro houses

Can you images 100's of these of Julia everywhere!

On the way to the border

Crazy drivers

GR2 on the beach in Colombia - Caribbean coast

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