Saturday, January 5, 2013


Overlooking the Gringo paradise of Tabanga
Driving into Cartagena just before Christmas - stalls overflowing onto the road & buses everywhere
John navigates right through the centre of the old town - people & stalls are everywhere
The inside of our hotel in Cartagena
The lovely old town of Cartagena
Streets of Cartagena
More streets
Our Christmas dinner on the 24th
Christmas day parties at Tolu beach
Just love these taxis - especially the lights and loud music
Snorkling at the islands
Racing the other boats back home
Our camp spot at a resturant - as usual John chats up the ladies
Some of the cheaper accomodation - rather sad really - squatters beside the road
Milk off to the factory
Can you see our road
Some magic mountain scenery
The city of Medellin
The other side of Medellin
See GR2 where we camped - right beside the pretty town of Guatape
Yes we climbed all 700 steps (no escalators sadly!)
The view from the top
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These are very exciting
We left these behind
One of the many amazing churches in Bogota - the ceilings are fabulous
The central plaza in Bogota - still all decked out for Navidad

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