Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Driving through the high parana - the mountain pass between Cuenca & Guayaquil

One of the lovely kakes on the pass

Land Iguanas in the local park in Guayaquil - there are heaps of them

The city of Guayquil from the lighthouse lookout
Our first day on the Galapagos - the San Jose is moored offshore

A Sally Lightfoot crab

Lots of baby tortoises in the Darwin Centre

Male Marine Igunanas having a territorial dispute on the beach 

A lovely volcanic lake - one of our many walks - see the San Jose in the background

John with one of the locals - they really got in the way!

Our fabulous group

These guys love sunbathing

These 2 should get a room

Lots of locals

Another great spot to snorkel

John is very proud of this photo - we could almost touch these guys

A Marine Iguana swimming - a rather scary sight - I wasn't so keen to meet these guys face to face

Those little penguins race past on their quest for food

One of our boat trips

Us on board

Swimming with stingrays....keep well away John

A juvenile hawk

Me & my mate....he couldn't be bothered moving

Feeding time on the beach

Another lovely walk

Pelicans here are smaller & darker - but very tame

Another hawk

Volcanic shoreline

More of these guys

Massive land tortoises

This land tortoise is in the "wild"

Land Iguana, also in the "wild"

What boys will do to attract the girls - a Greater Frigate bird

Boy can those sea lions move in the water

Love the blue feet of the Blue Booby

Not going to get to close to this guy

Love swimming with these turtles

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