Saturday, February 9, 2013


The coastline of Ecuador - heading north
The fishing village of Puerto Lopez
The fish markets
The port at Manta
Just a normal suburb
Mitad del Mundo - right on the equator
Locals at the market at Otavalo
Market stalls
Some of the amazing scenery
Santuary Las Lajas - built on a bridge
The local bus - chookers

Gorges on our drive to Popoyan

Popoyan - the White City - the white cathedral

Heading to the plaza in Popoyan

Sugar cane trucks - with 5 trailers

Zona Cafe country

Coffee crops

Driving through Armenia

The pretty plaza at Salento

Mathieu, Pascale, Christophe & Philippe

Some amazing motorway - lots of tolls, free coffee & wifi at the rest areas
Museo Botero

Museo Oro

Museo Oro

The salt cathedral -

Driving to Villa Leyra

Villa Leyra

The huge plaza at Villa Leyra

If you havent got a truck - use your donkey - transporting sugar cane

Road works at Barichara

Barichara sure is a pretty spot

Our camp spot - in the national park right beside the police

We could look down into the canyon from our campsite - there was even a cable car going down - we took the road

Villages get scruffier as we get nearer the coast

Sadly it is not all pretty

Back in Cartagena visiting the Castillo de San Felipe de Barjies

Visiting the Volcan de Lodo El Totumo

Mud swimming - you can't sink!!

Our final campsite behind the Hilton
Back in Cartagena

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