Monday, February 25, 2013


A little bit of Carnaval in Panama airport

Arriving at Corazon de Jesus - the airsrip is the only thing on the island - we water taxi to the next island

Little room with a view (no door - & plumbed right into the sea)

We dropped off the lobsters here

The local Kuna ladies still wear their traditional outfits

The ladies make these

Us in the Tabasco - finally under sail

Lazing away a few hours on shore

MS Tabasco - anchored near the airport

Exploring the river in the rubber ducky - we gave these ladies a tow

San Blas - on our flight back to Panama

Panama city from the air

Gatum locks - not much space

The Washington Hotel - one night inside & one night outside

GR2 driving over the Panama Canal

This guy reared his head when John went close for a photo - I missed that one!

I think GR2 needs a bit more decoration

The lovely beach - pity about the piles of rubbish

Views of Panama from the peninsula

Our view from the Balboa Yacht Club - looks like Auckland

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