Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This is all it took to close the road into Nicaragua for over 3 hours

The gorgeous beach - Playa Madera

Our new German friends

Volcan Ometepe in Laguna Nicaragua

The street markets in Granada

Local transport - in Granada - not just for tourists - locals use them too

Finally more traffic in Granada - GR2 is happily parked nera the centre of town

More of Granada

One of the many luxury homes- all on there very own island

Yum....Vigeron. A Granada special (actually I'm not too keen on yucca)

The gorgeous blue crater lake - laguna de Apoya

See all those noxios gases - that's why we couldn't visit Volcan Mayasa - see the road up to the top! Would have been great

Sunset over Laguna de Xiloa

Volcan Momotombo & the smaller Volcan Momotombito

Arriving in Leon

Sunday morning service in Leons gorgeous Cathedral

Yet another gorgoeous cathedral in Leon

My lunch - another local specalty - Nacatamales - totally glutton free Claire

Views from our camp spot right beside the road in the mountains

Local streetscape

Not so distant memories

Just love the saddles they have here - especially all the dangly bits

Making cigars - must be quality control as well

Not sure if his one will be up to scratch

Paddling up the lovely Somoto canyon

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