Thursday, April 18, 2013


The old town, with glimpses of the new - Panama city

Our rooftop pool deck at our hotel - not too bad on a hot hot day

Love the highrise here

One of those Red Devils - don't know how the driver manages to see out the window!

The locks opening at Miraflores

We made it to church on Sunday evening - service was lovely - we didn't understand a word

They still use their oxen - here in the canefield

John with a paper mache mask - way too fragile to buy & bring home

One of those gorgeous churches

We love camping right beside the beach

The dry peninsula - note the "growing" fenceposts

Our camp spot at the campground at Las Lajas

Going over the mountains to the Carribean - native huts

After all, this is the banana coast

At the port, being directed to the ferry

Locals fishing beside the mangroves

The quaint old town of Bocas del Toro

Right on the beach - we stayed all day - Magic

These guys are eating pineapple - fun to snorkel with them

More Bocas scenery

Yet more Bocas scenery

Exploring the island - driving right along the waterfront

Back on the mainland- camping in a riverbed

The banana plantation - container loads go to Europe

It is a very slick operation

The little posers! That showed off for ages. Adorable

Up the hill we saw a few howler monkeys - much harder to spot than the friendly Capuchin monkeys

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