Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We have reached our final destination. Our top priority is to find somewhere to leave GR2 safe & sound for 3-4 months. We know there is a camping ground in Cancun, but all emails I send bounce back. We also have another option near Merida, further west, recommended by the German couple we met. They have a secure spot saved for us. We will investigate both.

In the meantime we follow the Yucatán coast to Cancun, stopping at some seriously lovely beaches. It would be very easy to stay for ages. We are almost shell shocked to be back in traffic, have good roads, great supermarkets (with good bread) & to see so much development on the coast. Most of the coast is heavily developed, catering to the massive influx of tourists to these lovely beaches & many sinkholes/cenotes.

After a few days we make it to Cancun stopping first at Azure Cenote for a swim, then a look at the lovely aqua lakes, before heading down a peninsula towards Reserve de la Biosphere Sian Ka’an. We thought it would be easy to find a spot to camp, but the first 10km is wall to wall hotels followeddios Mexico for 3-4 months.er vehicles stored here, & tomorrow they will take us to the airport.a resturant.Then is was on to f by private land, even inside the reserve. We finally find a lovely spot on the beach, only for it to turn into our very own “Day of the Triffads” We drive over a wasps nest & they zero in on John ruthlessly. He ends up in the ocean trying to escape them. Needless to say we do not stay, but head down to a nice spot by the bridge. We stay safely indoors licking our wounds!

The next morning we explore more gorgeous beaches north of here & then the very popular Maya site of Tulum. Then it is on to find somewhere to camp. After a few attempts that are way too expensive we settle in near La Playa restaurant. A magic spot.  After many swims, we drag ourselves away & head to the campground at Cancun. They will store GR2 very cheaply, but they have no secure fences & are right in hurricane area (& hurricane season is coming very soon) so we decide to head to Izamul. Monday finds us at The Romantic Hotel Santa Domingo. Security looks great. There are 5 other Swiss & German vehicles stored here. Tomorrow they will take us to the airport.

Adios Mexico for 3-4 months.

We thought we would give you John & Lynda’s top 11 highlights from this trip:

1/Boating out to the Great Barrier Reef in BELIZE to snorkel with Loggerhead turtles & sharks

2/Going on the vehicle ferry to Boca del Toro in PANAMA to camp on its lovely beaches & snorkel on the mangrove reef.

3/Swimming & camping at the Llanos de Cortes waterfall in COSTA RICA.

4/Camping inside the crater at Laguna de Alegra in EL SALVADOR.

5/Climbing the cinder cone of Volcan Izalco in EL SALVADOR (actually John suggested this one! I would have been much happier seeing it from the lookout)

6/Exploring the lovely Manuel Antonio National Park with lots of Capuchin Monkeys in COSTA RICA.

7/ Exploring the lovely Abode town of Granada in NICARAGUA & having a local lunch of Virgoron.

8/Exploring the huge Mayan ruins at Tikal in GUATEMALA.

9/ Camping on a glorious beach on the Yucatán peninsula in MEXICO.

10/ Camping in a traditional thatched Garifuna village right on the beach at Punta Sal in HONDURAS.

11/ Collecting a number plate from every country we visited (in South & Central America)

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