Thursday, October 10, 2013


Gorgeous beaches at Cancun

The glitter strip

Our campspot at Playa Maya near Tulum

The view from our window

Snorkling in the cenote

Mayan huts

The long drive - very flat countryside

One of the lovely old churches

Streets of Campeche

Lovely tiled monastry at Campeche

Fishing boats near our camp spot

What a great spot for the night - washing done too

On the pyramis at Palenque


Misa Ho waterfall

Cascades - Augua Azul

Our barge to the other side - glad he is coming back for us

Gorgeous drive 

Following Brigitte & Casper

Love that cathedral

Start of the crazy festival

This is one of the photos I should have deleted!!!

Letting off sky rockets

Coffee break

Road block - those bandits

Camp spot at Lago de Monebello

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