Thursday, October 24, 2013


On leaving the flatlands in Mexico, we come through this gorge in Guatemala

After Huehuetenango we head into the mountains

Massive road slips being repaired by hand

More road slips

The biggest road slip of the lot - the whole mountainside went down

Our lovely campspot in the Hotel San Rafael before Coban

John & Peter talking & talking

One of the tiny orchids at Orquigona - just before Coban (they also offer free camping)

Time to head on to Semuc champey

What a magic spot for a swim

Here the water goes under a limestone bridge (we actually swim above the bridge)

Heading back to Coban

One of the ladies in Coban town

Our great campspot in gaol in Antigua

One of the many ruined churches. Markets take over the road.

The gorgeous cathedral here in Antigua

Antigua town - wish that cloud would lift for my photo (there is a perfect volcano behind it)

Street sellers in Antigua

All the chicken buses bringing people to the markets

We bought some vegetables from this lady. That's why I am allowed to take her photo

On leaving Antigua we spy this collapsed Monastry & church. - Convento de la Recoleccion

Here we are told - Drive very is dangerous!!

Finally the lovely Lago de Aititchan

The lovely girls at Santa Cruz la Laguna - with their back strap loom

A little furniture workshop in town

The ladies coop in Santa Cruz - making apron (every lady in Guatemala has an apron)

We spied these 2 girls walking uphill - they stopped for a rest, so I asked if I could take their photo.

Our gorgeous campspot on the Laguna near Panajachel

One of the guys at Solola

Church in Solola

Inside on Wednesday!!! I am very impressed.

Amazingly bright church at San Andres Xecal (Sadly closed & we don't want to wait a few hours for it to open)

Leaving town in crazy traffic (it often gets worse. Great if we can follow a chicken bus)

The fantastic hot pools at Fuentes Georginas - hot water runs down the cliff face. We have this pool all to ourselves.

Harvest time.....John decides to shop

More workers

Ladies laundry day (every day here)

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