Friday, November 29, 2013


Some of the locals in the Copper Canyon area

Roadworks heading into Batopilas - an abrupt stop

The new road into the canyon at Batopilas looks great

Pity the road is closed - they are dynamiting the cliff & pushing the rocks down to the valley (and road) below

The lovely canyon on our way to Creel

And the road to Creel

The river we camped beside (before Creel)

Lunch is cooking - YUM!!

Copper Canyon - AMAZING!!

The road - SCARY!!

Lower into the canyon

Camping right down in the canyon on the river bed

Wow! On our way back out

More obstacles on our way

The massive gold & silver mine - we camped very close to it

On our way to  Chinipas

Following a ute across the river at Chinipas

Another amazing mountain drive

More local scenery

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