Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The university at Guanajuato

The town of Guanajuato from the lookout at the top of the cable car - and you thought I walked!!

Guanajuato's Cathedral

Just one of the many tunnels that run  underneath Guanajuato

Laguna de  Cuitzeo - surrounded by volcanoes

The lovely Cathedral at Morelia - we sat in the plaza & ate tacos

The Aqueduct in Morelia at rush hour

The cute town of Patzcuaro

We are parked in the central Plaza at Patzcuaro


Lago Patzcuaro - can't see too much of it today

Cascada La Tzararacua

View from our campspot on Laguna de Chapala

Laguna de Chapala - south side

On the Tequila Trail - lots of argave plants

Our gorgeous "warm" laguna Santa Maria del Oro

Mazatlan at night

The Zona Dorada area in Mazatlan (the resort area near where we camped)

Sunset from our campspot - easy to see why we stayed 2 nights

The amazing toll road from Mazatlan to Durango

Bridges & Tunnels

The Devils Backbone - canyon on the way to Durango

Durango City

Durango city

More gorgeous scenery as we head north

Our camp spot for the night - very quiet!!

Wow!! Guarded in the Wal Mart carpark.

Parrall - an old silver mining town

New subdivision at Parrall

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