Sunday, November 3, 2013


Our camp spot on Playa Brazil - the only sound is waves

Exploring the beach & swimming

Our camp spot at Zipolite Beach

Zipolite Beach - we didn't swim here - the surf was a bit wild

Turtle release time

Acapulco - rain rain rain & blue & white beetles

The silver town of Taxco

Volcan Popocatepetl - this one erupted just a few months ago

Police are everywhere - even on this little back road - usually the guns are held at the ready!

Yum!!! Lunch is cooking

The Voladores have just leapt off their pole

Spinning Voladores

For sale with the sweets - cooked insects - I thought they tasted disgusting! John said he didn't mind them, but he didn't go back for seconds.

A long walk up the pyramid to the church built on top (I was puffing without carrying anything)

View from the top - Cholula town near Puebla

The sellers are out at many of the roadworks.

One of the many old cars at "La Carrera Panamerica"

The Aussie car

The decorated Cathedral at the Zocala in Oaxaca

Lots of gold gilding in Iglesia de Santo Domingo (Oaxaca)

The outside

The wedding parade: out front is a very tall bride & groom

Dancing at the parade

Everywhere is getting ready for "Day of the Dead"

The main plaza(Zocala) & Cathedral in Oaxaca
Photo from our friends website of the eruption

Another "loaned" photo - amazing!!!!

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