Friday, June 20, 2014


Old cars at the start of the Canol Rd- we didn't get too much further as it was still closed.

Heading towards Skagway - an old mining shaft

GR2 on the main street at Skagway

The old train at Skagway - look at that front mechanism so clear snow off the tracks!

Only 2 ships in harbour today - sometimes there are up to 4

The little town of  Caracross

The gorgeous Emerald Lake

Miles Canyon

The SS Klondike at Whitehorse.

Another Grizzly - he is very interested in us

Although now he looks a little cranky

The SS Keno in Dawson City.

Streets of Dawson City

Dredge No 4 just out of Dawson City - she is massive.

The lovely showgirls at Diamond Tooth Gerties in Dawson City.

The ferry to get out of Dawson City

Views of Dawson City from the outlook

Us on Top of the World

Some buildings in Dawson

Driving the "Top of the World" Highway

Another dredge at Chicken

The chicken at Chicken!!

The still frozen Lake Summit

The Polychrome Hills - we stopped here to top up with water yet again

A curious little ground squirrel


Here we go to Fairbanks - after midnight & still not dark

One of the many gorgeous cars at the Wedgewood Motor Museum

Heading into Denali we saw this Bear & 2 cubs devouring a caribou

They are really having a good feed

Our first moose in Denali Park

From one of our walks in the park - rather glad we met no moose or bears up close!

One of those huge moose

Our new group of friends - in front of Mt Denali

Our last glimpse of Mt Denali - it didn't show up until our last day

Wouldn't want to meet this guy in the wild! The fantastic University Museum in Fairbanks

A feature here in Fairbanks - the outdoor loo (actually quite commonplace as all underground plumbing freezes!!

A visit to see Santa at Santaland in North Pole

Another steamship at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks

The hilarious show at The Palace Theatre, Pioneer Park, Fairbanks

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