Saturday, July 12, 2014


Whittier Harbour

Leaving Whittier on the ferry

Our camp spot at Cordova - on the beach

Same spot - tide gone out

Why we can't drive to the million dollar bridge

Miles Glacier

The Million Dollar Bridge

The Air Boat ride

Camp Spot

Walking to Sheridan Glacier

Sheridan Glacier

The old cannery at Cordova

Salmon fishing at Valdez

Johns Bear!!

Sea Otter having dinner

Seal having dinner

Our bear having dinner - one of many!

Helicopter ride over Valdez

The glacier

Coming in to land - Valdez

Canoe Jousting - 4th July

It works!!!!

Daytime fireworks - 4th July

Glacier beside road - in rain

The old railway bridge - with improvements (I hope)

The old railway - without improvements

Township of McCarthy

McCarthy hotel

Kennecott Mine Buildings

Kennecott Mine Buildings

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