Saturday, August 9, 2014


The start of our cruise from Haines to Juneau - more glaciers & some cute lighthouses

Lovely Mendenhall Glacier that looms over Juneau (the very isolated capital city of Alaska)

People everywhere at the glacier

The beaches are pretty - but who the swims here! It is too cold in the middle of summer

This  eagle is having sushi for lunch

Eagle beach, with lots of eagles (suprise, suprise!) Also lots of spawning salmon & heaps more rotting

Another snack

The water is filled with thrashing salmon at the fish ladder in Juneau's Hatchery

Back on board

Miles of scenery

The Orthdox Church in Sitka

Snooze time at Fortress of the Bear

I was told to show my growly face

Toby the bear decided to show off for my camera

One of the many Totem Ploes at Sitka Historic Park

The lovely cloaks of the Sheet'Ka Kwaan Naa Kuhidi dancers 

The vridge to the airport at Sitka

Sitka town

This eagle cannot be sent back into the wild, so is used in a presentation at The Raptor Centre

Finally the drizzle stops, the mists clear & we can see the volcano not far from Sitka

A bit disturbing - but Grizzlies even more so.  It certainly made me try to keep up with John

Wet, wet, wet...... a slough

Boarding yet another ferry

Not a bad cabin - great windows & view

The Wrangell Narrows

Coming into Petersberg these guys where having a rest


Petersberg - the tide is out on this slough

Catching Salmon in the rain - with his bare hands!! We decided not to take it as we didn't have a fishing licence (plus it had been dead for a few days)

Look who is peeping through the bushes

Wet, wet, wet walk.....& very slippery boardwalk

Back on the ferry

The cheaper cabins (note that they have heating !!)

The main street in Ketchikan . Usually cars park beside the road, not boats

At the hatchery - I finally clicked the camera at the right moment....amazing

And finally these guys arrived - the babies were very cute - pity they walked up the river out of our sight to do their fishing

Our favorite kind of campspot - BBQ with friends

Totem Park - & no we didn't go in to this one. Only stopped for a photo. A guy came running out to charge us for parking, but John hardly slowed down

The famous red light district in Ketchikan

Amazing - they do grow big trees here - further north they are pretty puny

Final hike

John spied this guy on the beach - the park ranger said it was a mink

Our final cabin - at least we had a window

Nearly there

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