Friday, April 24, 2015


Harrison on a lovely spring day.

John tiptoes through the tulips


Fields of them - a shot without lots of people

Down the road - fields of them & no crowds

Boeing - from our camp spot! Zoom lens

Camping at Josef's house

Beach front on lovely Whidbey Island

At one of the many cute towns - near Tobys Pub

Deception Pass - the bridge

Totem poles in Sequim

The bitterly cold wind looking at Mt Olympia - really don't want to wait for the photo

Lovely wild Ruby Beach

More of Ruby Beach

Jellies on Beach No 1 (great name huh!)

Beach No 1

Beach 3 or 4 (not sure anymore)

Heres where they became long sandy beaches - driving on the beach was allowed

Sea Lions at Astoria

Astoria's bridge between Washington & Oregon

Will we fit? A covered bridge

Arriving in Seattle by ferry WOW

Brian & Marie - we camped on the street here for 2 nights - Thank you guys

Heading back into Seattle - by road this time

An amazing blown glass display

My favorite - the boat

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