Thursday, May 7, 2015


Those big ol trees

Wow - in Eureka

Some mighty fine buildings in Eureka

Avenue of the Giants

Magic coastline on the 101

Don't fall off - I need my driver

Camp spot for the night - GR2 is way over there

Arena lighthouse - there were lots of seals

Just lazing the day away

Last glimpses of the coast

San Francisco

San Fran from Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge - and what a glorious day

San Fran waterfront

San Fran streets


Napa Valley

Waterways - no places to sneak off & camp

First sight of the Half Dome

Great spot for lunch

There she is - Yosemite Falls

The Yosemite Valley

Just one more to make sure you have seen it

Couldn't resist this little fella

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