Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Our drive into Kings Canyon

At Kings Canyon

The lovely meadows

Kings Canyon

On our way out

The General Sherman Tree - it was all fenced in & no I couldn't fit it all in one photo

Camp spot beside the lake

Plenty of these on our way to Bakersfield

The gorgeous citrus valleys

Hows that for a great view for the night

Coming out

Our road back down the mountains

Finding a camp spot in Movie Land

An arch - with decoration


Another perfect campspot

Mt Whitney through the arch

Again Mt Whitney through the arch 

Exploring back roads and old mines

Phew! Back onto better roads

The glacier

A great lunch was had here

Magic views up to see the trees

Finally we are nearly there - trees ahead

Finally those really old trees

The Railway Museum

At the Museum

Mammoth Lakes

We should have camped here

Hot River

Our Gonola Ride that didn't happen

Ski Jump

Mono Lake

Looking at Tufa

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