Monday, June 15, 2015


The old mining area at Victor

The new gold mine

Amazing ruins to exlpore

More ruins

Inside the gold mine

Again inside the gold mine

The Independence Pass - recently opened

At the top of Independence Pass

Camping beside Fryingpan River

The road gets worse!!

The lovely lake at the mountain top

And yes the road gets even worse!!

Oh dear!! The road is closed

Sylvan Lake where we got help

A Pronghorn deer - keeping up with us easily

Inside Rocky Mountain National Park

So cute....they just sat there. At first I thought they were not real. Chip & Dale!

Carpark at the top of the mountain at the visitor centre

Great driving

Down the other side

He already he a good set of antlers on him!

Our walk around the lake

Johan & Anne - the best hosts in Denver

Red Rock Canyon Ampitheatre

Devils Garden

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak


Camp spot just out of Gunnison

Ski resort at Crested Butt Mountain

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  1. Wow a truly great blog Lynda, of course always good when we too have been to many of these places all but a different time of the year. And your photos fantastic shots especially love the chipmunks.