Sunday, September 20, 2015


Inside the slot canyon at Willis Creek, Escalante

Following the creek in the slot canyon

Grovseners Arch

Trying to push over the rock in Kodachrome

Driving through Kodachrome

Red rock at Kodachrome

More at Kodachrome

Our lovely campsite outside Kodachrome

Magical Bryce Canyon

Down inside the canyon

Hiking inside Bryce

Leaving Wall St in Bryce Canyon - very hot & steep

An overview

The only old buildings left in town -

Billy the Kid was here

Yet another great camp spot

The Energy Look Rd


Nine Mile Canyon

The Great Hunt

Flaming Gorge

The amazing overlook at Flaming Gorge

Yet another great campspot

The Geological Loop

The Loop

Heading out of Flaming Gorge

and into Wyoming - wide open spaces

Glorious autumn colour


Mirror Lake Scenic Rd

Mirror Lake on the scenic Mirror Lake Highway

Our camp spot on the salt beach

The road across the Salt Flats

John on Bonneville Flays

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  1. Magic photos Lynda. Lucky you in Bryce Canyon it was absolutely freezing when we were there