Sunday, November 15, 2015


Exploring the old town of Galena

Not many leaves left on those trees! Still finding spots to camp beside the rivers

Inside Madison Capitol Building

Those seats are really comfy - session is not on today

View of the lake from Capitol building - we head down to the markets

Capitol - Madison

Driving up the Door Peninsula

Heading back down the other side - Lake Michigan

Great spot to camp beside Lake Michigan

The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukie

One of the very first Harleys

Just a little bling!!

Chicago skyline from the Hop on Hop off bus

Gotta try to be arty ocasionally

Trumps glitzy tower

More arty ones

View from the Hancock building

Sunset from Hancock building

After sunset

YUM - full of calories. Deep dish pizza or pizza pie

The Cloud or more commonly called The Bean. If you look very closely you can see us in the middle taking a selfie

Everyone is busy taking selfies

On the river

Have to try some more local food

Following that Route 66 again

No one is really there - it is just wall art

Can't resist the pose

Another Capitol building - at Springfield


We met Mr Deck (junior) who ran the shop in the Route 66 heyday

The amazing arch in St Louis - hard to believe that we went up inside it

View from the top - proof that we made it

GR2 is sparkling - our collection of number plates - all the states we have been to in Canada & USA

Following the lead car in to the maze of tunnels

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