Monday, November 2, 2015


Arriving at Hecla Park

Sunset from our campspot

Some of the lovely old houses in Hecla Village

More houses in Hecla


Our campspot in Hecla


Kimli Town

Houses in Kimli

The Viking statue in Kimli

Entering Winnipeg

View from the Human Rights Museum

The Museum of Human Rights

Inside the Legislative Building

Inside The Mint

Inside The Mint - noticed the No Photo sign after I took these photos

The Mint building

The Old Fort near Devils Lake

There are some lovely homes here

The Stave Church in Minot

The Swedish Horse in Minot

View of  Lake Sakakawea

1,000's of these - burning off the extra gas

Lots of driving

Many more

Dawn at Roosevelt National Park - north

Magic views

A glimpse of 2 young bighorn sheep

More views

A herd of bison

A cranky looking bison (actually they all look cranky)

Heading south out of the park badlands

The southern end of the badlands in Roosevelt Park

More badlands

Dirt road on the Custer drive

Can't resist them

Praire Dogs

So cute

More inside the park

Praire Dog Township - a noisy place

A fun entry

We are in South Dakota - more rigs, but no gas burnoff

Lots of huge open spaces

Belle Fourche - centre of the States

Devils Tower

The old gold mine in Lead


Found these guys in Hill City - loved them

More in Hill City

Crazy Horse - lots more work to do - he needs his horse

A fort

Inside half is renovated & half in old state - what a good way to see it

Iron Mountain Rd

Yes we can squeeze through

Double tunnel

First pigtail

Second pigtail

The clouds have cleared

Us & the presidents

The "Up the Nostrils" walk

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