Friday, June 17, 2016


The new pipeline

McDonald Observatory

Fort Davies

Our back road

The hot tub at Chianti Hot Pools

Big Bend Ranch State Park

The hoodoo's

Close Canyon

Exiting Closed Canyon

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Terlinga - ghost town

Our first dirt road in Big Bend

Gorgeous Elena Gorge

Camp spot in Cottonwood

Our scenic drive

Tuff Canyon

Burro Mesa Pouroff

Driving in to the Chiscos Basin

The Window from the easy hike

Close up of The Window - an amazing drop from it

Our Mexican friend

Rio Grande - Mexico so close

The hot pools - see how high the Rio Grande is!!

Our back road - Iron Ore Track

Last of Big Bend

Breakfast stop

Miles of road like this - Texas near the border with Mexico

Heading over the causeway & bridge to Padre Island

Padre Island

Our magic spot on Padre Island

Those black clouds in the morning convince us to leave

Lots of long causeways

Floods!! Change of route

The entry at NASA Houston

GR2 arriving at NASA


The pier on Galveston Island

All the houses are up on very high stilts

Housing style (after Katrina)

Bolivar Island - way past the port

Lake Charles in Louisiana - looks like Auckland Harbour bridge

Gorgeous church in Lafayette

In the bayou at Lafayette

One of many lovely old Plantation homes - love the Spanish moss everywhere

River boats

Bayou Gauche

Driving through the village - Bayou Gauche

Our camp spot beside the bayou


  1. Wowsers so many memories different for you guys in the heat tho.

  2. How do you like captiva? We just ate at the bubble room and we seen your camper. Did you custom build that camper or did you purchase it?