Friday, July 29, 2016


Raleigh State Capitol

Charlotte Race Track & yes they do race these buses

Up the slope on Charlotte Racetrack

More trees overhanging the Blue Ridge Parkway

The pink Rhodedrons have finished, but there are still plenty of white ones left

The grist mill in Smoky

Carpark overflowing in Smoky

Views from The Blue Ridge

More of Blue Ridge

Bristol Raceway

They are setting it up for a bike course

More green green countryside

In West Virginia at Bluestone Lake

Going through the town of Hinton

Yet more houses

The lovely gorge in New River Gorge National Park

The old iron bridge

More views

Nearly missed this - and it was right beside the road!

Another Capitol Building - this one in Charleston, West Virginia

Our riverside campspot in Daniel Boone National Forest

The Arch

Squeezing through the rock to get below the arch

And below the arch

Time to ride back down to GR2

Capitol Building in Frankfurt

The Presidents House in Frankfurt

Louisville City

Story pub- pity there is so much dappled shade over the old building

Yes another racetrack - The Brickyard

Pretend racing!!

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