Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Think I have gone a little horse & buggy crazy

Field work

More buggies

Yes more

Gorgeous farms

How disappointing - our shedlike covered bridge

Harpers Ferry - an important place in the start of the Civil War

Back on that Blue Ridge

Dark Hollow Falls

There are even deer out on the meadows

Final views before the mist tomorrow

Really can't see much

Arriving in Washington DC

See there are plenty of carparks in front of the Capitol

Mr Obama's current pad - who will be next?

Union Station

Our ride for the day

The Pentagon - just massive

Final views of Washington

And George Washington himself!

Heading out of town

Lovely old pub at Georgetown where we had dinner

Yet another lighthouse on our way to Cape May (actually there were more, but I have spared you them all)

Ship wreck at Cape May

Woops! Another lighthouse - at Cape May

The beach!!

Just a few little beach cottages!!

And of course there are millions of boats

Heading in to Wilmington

Back streets - going to get that cheap diesel

Early morning glimpse of New York city - toll bridge cost $15

Finally in the city

The Iceberg Tower

Carparking solutions - and no we couldn't fit

Views from Rockefeller Centre

The new tower on the World Trade Centre site

From the bridge - a hot sweaty day - makes my glasses slide down my nose!

WOW New York skyline

New York's favorite lady - thought the boat would tip over with all the Chinese rushing to one side!!

More shots from on the boat

Driving out of New York city

Final photo

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  1. Some great pics Lynda country to city such diverse travel 👍