Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Inside the Hartford State Capitol Building

Outside the Hartford State Capitol Building

At Rhode Island - coming out of harbour

The bridge across to Newport

The view from the bridge

The car wrecker shop - look at all those plates

One of the many lovely homes on Millionaires Row - most are behind gates with huge grounds

One of the many lovely waterfront properties

Moving on - the Capitol Building at Providence

In the centre of Boston

Boston - love the cigar sticking out of the facade

Little Italy in Boston - smell some yummy food here

On to the misty waterfront at Salem

Never seen dingies stored like this

Many rivers & boats as we head to New Hampshire

New Hampshire beaches - very busy

Just a little beach side home!!

More real estate

View as we eat our lunch at Lazy Jacks - Portsmouth

GR2 tucked beside the beach for the night

Early morning at Acadia National Park

Heading up Cadillac Mtn

View from the top

The Blowhole - tide too low to blow at the moment

On the rocks

Lovely Jordan Pond

Yet another waterfall in White Mountains

Yay a covered bridge in White Mountains

Our forest park campspot in White Mountains

A fine day - walk to more waterfalls

The Flume

Those mountains

And yes my favorite - a covered bridge

Covered bridge & pool

Carriage houses at Lyme

The ultimate covered bridge at our campsite



Campspot beside Kent Pond

As well as magnificent homes there are many like these - house & barn attached

The power of water being used

Lovely little Capitol Building in Montpellier

As close as we got to the tour!

Smugglers Notch

More lovely countryside

Sunset from our boat ramp

Lots of motels

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