Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Driving along the St Lawrence River

So many little towns

Looking out for whales & belugas - apparently they love feeding in the river mouth here

Terrible shot, but proof that we did see some

Ferry across the river mouth

Stunning coastline

Manic 2

Cinque Manic

The Eye on our GPS (Road track is on the RHS)

The crater filled with water

Driving the boreal forest

Water, water everywhere

Mt Wright mine

These trucks make GR2 look like a baby

Churchill Falls - sadly only the top - it was spectacular

One of the busy beavers

Housing in the new town of Churchill Falls

Whats the time Mr Wolf. Dinner Time!!

Powerlines draped across the State

Great campspot - but we only stopped for coffee

Plenty of signs - bit as yet on this trip no moose

Miles of gravel

Coastal Route is finally getting to the coast

Fishing is dying out

Cute town of Marys Harbour

An iceberg - can you believe it

Red Bay

Found in the Bay and restored for the museum - a Basque whaling boat

Red Bay again

Shipwreck (of course)

I have so many shots of this one iceberg its crazy

A lucky shot - porpoises

Limestone lighthouse at Point Amour

So many lakes along the waterfront to Port Vieux

Ahhhhh.... from the ferry

On one of our walks we saw these thrombolites (google it if you are interested)

Reconstructed Viking accomodation (and yes it is chilly & windy - I am wearing the hat because my hair is out of control)

Viking village

Beachy shots

Fish drying

Our first moose (there were 2) right outside a house!

The Arches

Gotta love the villages

Arriving at Gros Morne Provincial Park

Our boat ride

A late evening drive through more of the Park

Camp spot at Deer Lake - we are right on the edge

Can't resist a good lighthouse

John hobnobbing with the owner of this little collection/museum

More coastal exploring

Finally the end of the road - Rose Blanche

Heading back to catch our ferry

Goodbye Newfoundland

Hello to the Cabot Trail in the Breton Island

Sorry more lighthouses

And yes more fishing ports

Hello Moosey

The long and winding road

Delicious!! Snow crab

Following the Coastal Route

Spotted this cute, but prickly, little guy. Watched as he skimmied up a tree

Another ferry

Halifax - my favorite street

Wow you don't often see a submarine in harbour. War games are on today

Inside Halifax citadel

Guards in full dress and even a gun fired at 1pm!


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  2. Hey from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada you have beautiful pictures. I saw you on Charles LeBlanc's blog,Have a safe trip.

  3. Hello from Brisbane! My family back home (I'm Canadian) spotted you guys in Charlottetown PEI. Hope the East Coast is looking after you. Have an awesome trip!