Friday, May 19, 2017


More fishing villages & of course lighthouses as we head along the north east of Nova Scotia

No matter what the weather we will get those lobsters

The sun is shining at Cape George

More coast on our way to the Canso Causeway

Louisburg National Park

Into the wilds of Newfoundland

Looking for a spot for the night

It's right here

This young moose is not really in a zoo - they have been putting up fences to protect them/us

Into the lake area

Iceberg hunting

The lookout at Twillingate

Twillingate town

Lots more coastline

Another young moose zips across the road


The Barbour House (owned by a sealing captain)

The very cute village of Trinity

Trinity Church

The lighthouse at Trinity that we couldn't get too

Overnighting at Trinity

Port Union

One of the many root cellars out at Elliston

The puffin cliffs - no puffins there yet!

The Dungeon

Bonavista town

The oil rig waiting to be towed out

Jelly bean houses at St John's

Overnighting at Bauline wharf

Love the icebergs

Driving along the Irish Route

Sunset from our overnight spot

Bird Rock (that really is it's name)

A bit of necking going on

Wow - a bit more than necking.

So many gannets on the rock

Back at St Johns - the Cathedral

Our walk to Signal Hill

Off to see the puffins

Our biggest iceberg yet

Taken from Pocket Earth - our route so far. We overnighted at the blue dots (ignore the yellow ones)

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