Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Arriving in Greenland - we will need those jackets

View from Pia's apartment in Nuuk

Our home away from home in Nuuk

Exploring Nuuk

The old church in Nuuk

The harbour in Nuuk

More of Nuuk

We are now on the Saraf Ittuk heading south

First stop - Qeqertarsuatsiaat

The old church

A quick walk along the main drag/ or rather the only drag

Inside the church

Time to leave

We squeeze through some very narrow places

Arriving at Paamiut very early at 6am

The stave church

Love the icebergs

Lowering the boat at Arsuk

Arsuk town

More icebergs

The illusive reindeer - not much to eat here!

Arriving at Narsaq

Our boat - Saraq Ittuk

Exploring Narsaq

Next town - Qaqortoq

Time to leave

Another walk around Qeqertarsuatisaat

A few weeks supply of fish

Arriving in the snowy town of Maniitsoq

Time to leave town

Pretty misty

Still snowing at Kangaamiut

Arriving Sisimiut

The old church & town square

Time to leave


Heading in to Disko Bay with millions of icebergs


Walking to the Icefiord

Some of the huskies

Back in town - the church

and the port

Time to leave - more iceberg spotting

Lots of turning to miss these 'bergs

Pack Ice

It is sunny this time

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