Friday, May 12, 2017


The famous Hopewell Rocks (walking in the mud around the rocks is the thing to do! But it was all closed off)

And yes the tide is out!!

Cape Enrage and lighthouse

Yes we are on Global News - world famous in New Brunswick

Lunch at a frozen lake in Fundy National Park

One of the 2 covered bridges in St Martins

We can fit under this one - most of them we can't

Rocky cliffs at St Martins

I know - bridges & boats at St Martins

Another lighthouse - this one at St Martins - it was in fog

And in fog the fog horn blows! What a ghastly noise!

Arriving in St John

Exploring St John

The Reverse Falls

Reverse Falls

Nice and warm in the markets

Outside it is still misty

Back to the Reverse Falls at high tide - what a change

Frederickton - old army barracks

Frederickton - the St John River is very high

Watching the "fomicles" coming down the St John River from our campsite

Iced up waterfront heading to the Acadian Peninsula

Coffee stop

Fishing ports everywhere - it is lobster time

A little bit of ice isn't going to stop us

Camping on a very chilly beach near Shippagan

What - another lighthouse - The Miscou Lighthouse

We saw 2 moose in the cranberry bog - a bit far away for a decent shot

Kellys Beach at Kouchibonguac National Park

Camping on the wharf

The Big Lobster at Shediac

The 14km bridge to Prince Edward Island

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