Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Pingvellir National Park


Pingvellir's old church

Where the 2 Continental plates meet - snorkel here at great expense 

On the 550

If he can go on the ice, why can't we?

Nearly on to Langjokull icecap

Ice inside Surtshellir

One of the entries



The very tiny hotpot

Camp spot for the night

Strokker going off

Getting ready to go!!


Back along the No 1 road

Back in the city - view from the water towers

Water towers

The impressive Entertainment Centre

Heading back out of town - the Kenio Crater

The F35

The icecap

With our Polish friends in the pool at Haveravellir

Back again on tarseal


Our designer wear! But it is warm

Proof!! Whales are here....just not many in my photos

The Askell Egilsson

Passing through Mytvan area again

Here we go - the F88

River crossings!!

Walking in the snow!!

Viti Crater

Our hot waterfall!!

Outlet from the dam

Laugarfell - hot pool

Great views of Mt Snaefell from our camp spot


Driving along the skerries to Bakkargerdi

Been fishing!!

It's not all puffins

The cool harbour at Bakkagerdi

Our final F road

Raining in Seydisfjordur

The Blue Church

Sunshine as we leave

Goodbye Iceland
The blue dots are where we camped. Ignore the others

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