Thursday, July 20, 2017


Visiting Renate & Andreas apartment in Kiel city

Arriving in Lubeck

Inside the Cathedral in Lubeck

Me with the little devil outside the Cathedral

My favourite house in Lubeck - built inside a tower

More in Lubeck

Wow - Lubeck

Lubeck's famous gates

Time to leave

Love these 

Arriving in Hamburg - congestion plus

Along the old canals

What a mix of old & new

This is the old

And the new - the Opera House

Amazing building


Walking the streets of Leer

Up the road from our camp spot in Sogel (Scloss Clemensworth)

Castle Bentheim

Exploring with Anouk & her parents

Bram's pride & joy - his new truck - all his own work

Walking in to Strasbourg

Main plaza with all the tourists

View from the Cathedral Tower

Yet more!

Exploring Petite France

Inside the entry to Damach la Ville

Rute de Vin


Getting more touristy at Ribeaville


Boat going over the canal at Digion

Motorway driving - lots of tolls

On our diesel detour - Donzenac

John & Regis inside .....

The "caravan" proceeding the Tour de France

Finally the Tour

Heading through the mountains

Over the top, through a tunnel & in to Spain

Wow it is lovely

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